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For employees provides a simple solution for all those who choose the freedom to control their own working hours. Our arrangement is especially convenient for students, part-time employees, those who wish to diversify their revenue streams or gain experience in a variety of jobs. You simply register on our website and we'll contact you as soon a job is available.

How does our service work? is a temporary employment agency which specializes in unexpected job openings. We hire individuals who then work on our behalf for businesses who utilize our services. We take care of all the formalities.

For businesses offers a simple and cost-efficient solution for those employers who have need for a flexible workforce. If you are experiencing a temporary increased workload, unexpected turn of events or staff illnesses we can step in and offer a suitable solution quickly.

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Click here to request an employee. You can also get in touch with our specialists via telephone 555-6675 / 666-1122 or at our email We'll find the right solution for you!

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We want to help you find a job and working hours that suit you. Send us your information and we'll contact you as soon as we find a suitable job.

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You can contact us via telephone 555-6675 / 666-1122 or at our email and we'll find a specific solution catered to the needs of your business. We'll find the right employee for you.

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The idea comes from previous experience with a compatible business and the company is founded with the interests of both employee and employer at the forefront. Please join us in creating a platform where people can work when it suits them and businesses can get a fantastic employee on short notice.